Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Get a job in Elance

Elance is spreading its activities throughout the world in an incredible speed. Lots of clients are joining everyday to get their job done. One the other hand huge numbers of freelancers are finding a different and reliable way to earn money online. If you want get a job at Elance, quickly create an account providing your real name and address. Do not use any nick name because Elance require a verification of your identity.

It is said that, freelancers got job in a quicker time than other sites. It provides the freelancer a wide number of jobs from different categories like:

 Website Design

 Logo Design

 Article Writing

 Press Release Writing

 Software

 Android

 Programming


 Public Relation

 Wiki page Creation

After creating the account, try to design your profile with photo, job preference, qualification and experiences. Take some exams relevant to your job preference. Complete your profile 100%. Then start to bid. As you are a newcomer, you should apply to those jobs which require less experience and pay less.