Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fiverr: How to Earn Easily Without Bid

We all are little bit or more familiar with the traditional bid-based freelancing job, but there are some sites at which you don't need to bid or apply for any job but can get payment by doing the same job you generally do at sites like oDesk, Elance Guru or Freelancer.  I think it is a funny and easy way to earn online sitting at your home by selling your gigs to the buyers.

Now, I’ll introduce you with a site. Just go  to find the site. It is a site where freelancers offer their job by creating gigs only for $5. Buyer or client will search you and buy your gigs. After finishing and delivering the job you will get a payment of $4 ($1is site’s charge).  You can offer any kind of job like graphics design, link building, SEO, video making, writing, blog commenting etc. Even, you can earn by selling some funny gigs like recording a “happy birth day chorus” for someone if you have a good singing voice, “Holding the website name in Cars and Round Whole NY city” etc.

Your offer should be like this, “I’ll collect 2000 Facebook likes in a day for $5”. If your gig is accepted and posted on site, your earning will start. You will get $4 for each time of selling. If your gig is sold 10 times you will get $40. After selling a gig more than 10 times your rank will be higher and then you can offer a job for $10. You can gradually make higher your rank with quality work and through this  you can offer a job for up to $50.  If you work hard and if your luck deserves you, you can earn more than $500 a month from this site. To withdraw your earning from here you need to have a PayPal account. But in some countries where Paypal is not allowed you should search the net to find someone who is using a verified Paypal and withdraw your earning.   

There is another site in which you can start your career like this one has  no hard and fast rule for offering a job at a fixed price that the does. You can offer your job for any amount you think better for you. Your earning can be withdrawn by various ways like Paypal, Moneybookers, Wire transfer etc.

Here are some clone sites of  Fiverr from where you can  also earn by selling your gigs.

Now is accepting Payoneer card. Please read this article" Easiest way to withdraw earning from Fiverr" for getting a Payoneer Master Card, $25 Bonus and a verified Paypal Account from Bangladesh and Pakistan.