Monday, December 3, 2012

oDesk Should Change Its Fixed Payment Policy

Freelancers, working at oDesk on fixed payment system are being deceived by their clients and they are now urging the authorities to provide a proper solution of this matter. Taking the advantages of this weak fixed payment policy of oDesk, some dishonest clients are spoiling the environment as well as the reputation of this biggest freelance site.

 oDesk has become the most popular and #1 freelancing site within very few years. From the beginning it has been providing the contractors to do the jobs on two types of payment systems: fixed and hourly. Hourly is preferable as it assures the payment in time. But in term of fixed it is not guaranteed the payment. The payment processing is totally depends on the decision of clients. Using this opportunity, some clients are deceiving with their contractors by not paying, paying partial or threatening to give bad feedback. Many of the contractors can not get any support from oDesk as it is an issue that does not go with their policy. So the sufferers are remained out of any discussion always.

Shamim (Nickname), a freelance writer who has worked more than hundred hours at oDesk, said, “For last three years I am with oDesk. I face no problem with any of my clients with whom I do work based on hourly.  But become frustrated with some clients behavior in fixed rate jobs. Three of my clients did not contact or send me the payment after three months of completing the job. I tried to contact with oDesk support center, they assured to contact the clients and order them to response my messages. But I haven’t got any reply or payment from them yet.

“oDesk should change their policy and take necessary initiatives to assure the hard-earn payments of contractors.” He added. 

At present oDesk has 2.5 million of contractors who are providing various types of jobs to their clients. Most of the freelancers have come from different regions of the world and they work in different times. Many of the contractors work at night to maintain the communication with their clients who are living other part of the world. According to many freelancers, this site should change the fixed payment policy to evaluate their hard work. 
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