How to Withdraw Earning

A Freelancer starts to think about the withdrawal process of his/her earnings from the beginning of any work. It is clear that all of us has come here and prepared ourselves to earn a little. So, it comes first to our head that "how can we withdraw our earnings?".

There are several methods of withdrawing money from the respected sites one works. Usually, top outsourcing sites like oDesk, Elance, Guru, GetaCoder  allows some methods like Paypal, Skrill, MasterCard, Wire Transfer etc.

Among these I think Paypal is the best. But in some countries where Paypal  is not supported one may use Skrill or Mastercard.

Each of the outsourcing sites charges fixed fees to send the money to Paypal, Mastercard or skrill etc. These withdrawal media also charge some fees. Some of them are shown below:

Fees of Paypal:

PurchasePersonal Transfer
PayGet paidSend moneyReceive money
Free1.9% to 3.4% + €0.35 EUR
Free when the money comes from PayPal balance or bank account.
3.4% + €0.35 EUR
when the money comes from a debit or credit card or PayPal Credit
(the sender decides who pays this fee).

If your transaction requires a currency conversion, we will use a retail exchange rate. The retail exchange rate is our wholesale cost of foreign currency (determined by an outside financial institution) plus a currency conversion fee. This fee depends on the currency you are converting into. See the "Fees" > "Additional Fees" > "Currency Conversion Fee" section of the User Agreementfor details.
Also, there's a cross-border fee included in the transaction fee for cross-border payments. For details, refer to the "Fees" section of the User Agreement. Within that section, review the topics "Cross-border Personal Transactions" and "Commercial Transactions."

Fees of Skrill/Moneybookers:


1% (up to USD 0.61 USD)
Show these fees in another currency:


For ALL Countries



1.90 %

2.19 USD
4.27 USD
* Available to residents of OECD countries only.

Fees of Payoneer Debit Card:

ItemPrice (USD)UnitHow Applied
Card activation – U.S.$5.00Per cardOne time - when card is first loaded
Card activation – outside U.S.$10.00Per cardOne time - when card is first loaded
Card activation – outside US – Listed Countries$24.95Per cardOne time – when card is first loaded
Albania, Angola, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, CôteD’Ivoire, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Pakistan, São Tomé & Príncipe, Serbia, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe.
Loading Payments: Standard$1.50 (within two days)Per loadEach time card is loaded
Loading Payments: Immediate$4.00 (within two hours)Per loadEach time card is loaded
Monthly card account maintenance$1.002+ trx/monthFrom available card balance each month
Monthly card account maintenance$3.000-1 trx/monthFrom available card balance each month
Card replacement$12.95Per cardOnce - when issuing replacement card
ATM Cash Withdrawals or Transactions
ATM withdrawal - U.S.$1.35Per TrxWhen withdrawal is requested
ATM withdrawal - outside U.S.$2.15 *Per TrxWhen withdrawal is requested
Declined ATM withdrawal$0.90Per TrxWhen withdrawal request is declined
Purchase TransactionFree *Per TrxWhen card is used for purchases
ATM Balance inquiry$0.90Per inquiryWhen inquiry is made
* When a transaction is made as a foreign transaction or is requested in a currency other than USD, charges of up to 3% may be assessed above all charges assessed by MasterCard for the transaction.The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Choice Bank Limited pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.