Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Affiliation Can be A Great Source of Online income

Affiliation is the most popular and one of best and credible way to earn online. Persons with interest in marketing can start it and earn huge from online marketplace.

What is affiliation?
Almost in every businesses we find some dealers or wholesaler who sale the products of different companies getting a fixed commission (%) from each sales.  Such as: Samsung doesn't sell their products directly.  It assigns dealers in different countries who sale the products offering them a fixed commission on their sales.
Affiliation is the online version of wholesale or dealership where a person does this business through his website.  To be an affiliate you need to have a website of your own that will hold advertisement of different products of the companies. If anyone buys any product referring your site, you will get the commission from the company. You will not get less than 15% commission from any sales. Some site give up to 75% commission.
Now, I will introduce you with some sites that offer affiliate program:

To be successful here and earn a lot from this business you must know the tips and tricks of SEO and the strategies of internet marketing well. You need to optimize your site to get your potential buyers who are searching for the same products your site holds.