Sunday, September 27, 2015

Answer to the Question"Why not I am getting the job at marketplace?"

why not I am getting job at Upwork
The numbers of registered freelancers in different marketplace like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Fiver are getting increased day by day. But not all of the job seekers, who registered in different sites are getting job. It's not a matter that they don't know how to run a project successfully or they don't have any skill. There are several factors standing in front of them as the great wall of barricade. I am trying to explain briefly of few of those factors. Hope this can help you build a successful freelance carrier.

Related Skills: Just mention those skill you are really good at and you have interest to do that type job. Try to master some unique skills where there is a increasing demand for those specific skills. Don't choose very easy job that can be done easily. Remember, thousands of people are also looking for the easiest job, so the client will hire the best one.  

Profile: In terms of getting job, whether it is as freelance or a traditional full time job, an attractive bio-data attracts the employer much. If your bio data is poor looking, filled with grammatical and sequential errors,  In every marketplace, freelancers have to create a nice looking professional profile that should be filled with necessary information relevant to the job category you want to work with. So don't be hurry to create a short cut profile, if you do, probably you can get some jobs luckily but in future it will through you out of the marketplace. Check and re-check your profile to find whether it has any grammatical mistake or not.

Portfolio:  As a newcomer to freelancer, you may not have related job experience, so the probability of having some sample work is zero. But don't wait to your first job to place a portfolio on you profile. Do something by yourself. Then put the sample work as portfolio. Having a portfolio in your profile indicates that you are on the way to be professional.

Cover letter: When you apply for a job, try to be professional. Don't use silly words and don't beg job from the client. Write only what you can exactly do and explain what strategies you will follow for complete the project successfully. The format of the cover letter should be like this:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I have read your job posting several times. I realise that, you need someone to do ___job done. I can complete this job within___ hours/days/weeks. My bid for the project is ____.  After submitting the project to you, I will gladly do necessary changes if it needs.

I am available to work ____ hours in a week and I can communicate via Skype/___ etc,


Hope you can write in better way.

First Job: Getting the first job in the marketplace is the most difficult situation for every newbie freelancer. More than 90% of the freelancers spent the longest time to get their first job in their early freelancing life. So to get the first job apply, apply and apply. Don't copy paste same cover letter for all job application. Read the job posting carefully and then apply. You will get your job quickly.
Or, try to be connected with different social media groups, groups those match your skills. Write status mentioning your skills and how fast and efficiently you can do a job. Hope you will find somebody there who needs you. Linkedin groups are the best for finding skilled based communities. Or, ask someone who has clients accounts on marketplace to post a small job for you. It will help you most to get the first job easily.