Saturday, February 15, 2014

Withdraw Money From Using Payoneer Mastercard and Get a Verified Paypal Account with $25 Bonus

How about to think a platform that supports earning without bidding and offers a lot of opportunities together? Yes, I am talking about a site where you don't need to spend much more time for bidding to get work. It's is undoubtedly an awesome site to start freelancing career. But it was a big problem for the sellers from countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan where they cannot use Paypal to withdraw their funds. There are several good news for them including:

1. Now you can withdraw funds from using Payoneer Debit Card.

2. You can get $25 bonus on their card.

3. You will get a verified Paypal account.
Apply For Payoneer Card to Withdraw Earning

Withdraw earning from Fiverr using Payoneer Card: added this method several months ago. If you have a card you can add it easily clicking the links showed as "Apply for Fiverr Revenue Card"on your fiverr page.

Get $25 Bonus on your card:

If you don't have any card, you can apply now using this link  to get a new card. Here is an opportunity waiting for you.If you get the card if you get the card and withdraw at least $100 for the first time from any freelancing site like fiverr or you will get US$25 bonus that will be directly deposited to your card. You will miss this chance if you apply for card through freelancing sites.  

Remember that you will get the bonus once only for the first time withdrawing of  US$100 from freelancing site. No card to card or bank transfer can load money in your card first time.

SO, after loading your card, activate it. It may cost US$18.

Get a verfied Paypal account using your Card:

Oh! You can use your debit card to get a verified Paypal Account. That is the cherished dream of many freelancers from non-Paypal countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan. By the time you get a Payoneer card, you will get US bank account. So you can use that to verify your  Paypal. It easy. Hope I'll discuss it soon.